Hello Twinnys! I'm Ilovesibuna! A Chat Moderator and I am in charge of User of the Week! I am happy to announce who the User of the Week is on the Twinny Somethings wiki! Just check out my Blogs on who is the user of the week is! If you are user of the week then you get this Trophy on your profile page and you will get a message from me (Ilovesibuna)confirming you are user of the week. Also, HOA2012 will post your user name on the home page of Twinny Somethings Wiki.USer of the week

There are also User of the week Userboxes, check out the Userboxes page to see their codes.

USer of the week This user is user of the week!
User of Last week This user was user of the week last week!

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