Hello wikiers, these are our wiki policies The Admins- HOA2012 ,Val the Walrus,Ilovesibuna and PEDDIE 4ever

Basic Rules

1) No Twinny Somethings Bashing! Please do not bash Twinny Somethings or anything that has anything to do with it, since this wiki is all about Twinny Somethings.

2) Do not erase information unless you ask a bureacrat or admin first.

3) Do not write false information on a page. If you do not if information is false or not ask an admin or bureacrat.

4) If you want to delete a page, then you need to tell an admin and make sure that you have a great reason.

5) Don't post random information on pages.

6) No spamming! Spamming is posting the same thing over and over again, usually just to get achievement points.

7) No rude messages on chat, talk page, comments, or blogs.

8) Whenever you edit, unless you are an admin, make sure to write an edit summary.

9) Please do not enter chat unless you have 50 achievment points and/or 25 edits.

10) Never post unnessecary information.

Beware that failing to follow these rules will result in warnings and bans. 3 warnings = x weeks ban