Haley and Robert

Haley talking about Robert the cow


Jean secretly eats a burger

Going Vegan is the 4th episode in the Twinny Somethings series. In this episode, Jean and Haley try to save the animals by going vegan.


This episode starts with Jean wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. She is eating a burger. Then, Haley walks in. Haley asks her what she's doing. "I'm - uh - medatating. Please hold while I find my inner peace." Jean replies. Haley replies that it smells like a church picnic. Then she asks Jean why she was panting. Jean replies that she was working out. "I thought you were metatating!" Haley says. Jean replies "I was metatating about working out. So many questions!" Then Haley offers Jean a vegan cookie, and she says she can't because she already had ten vegan brownies.


Jean secretly orders Domino's

Haley sits in front of the camera and says that she and Jean are going vegan to raise awareness of farm animals. Then she holds up a picture of a pig. "His name is 8cp112, but I call him Jacob."

Jean is on the phone with Dominos. She asks for a pizza with extra pepporoni. "On second thought, could you just bring the pepporoni?" She asks.

"Robert lives in a pen so small, he can't even turn around." Haley says, holding up a picture of a cow. The door knocks and Jean goes to get it. Haley says that she's telling us about Robert. "Who's that again? The bacon?" Jean replies. Haley says it's the cow. "Don't eat me people! Do it for Robert.Look at those poor innocent eyes. I mean, he just wants to grow up like the rest of us! He has his whole cow life ahead of him! He wants to marry a nice lady cow, have lots of little cow babies, get a cow divorice, and marry a younger cow..." Jean says. She then gets up to answer the door.

Jean is lying in bed with wrappers all around her. She burps. "The hardest part about going vegan is staying vegan." She says. Haley runs in "what are you doing Jean! We went vegan this morning!" She says. Jean replies that animal cruelty tastes too good. "I can't believe it! You've eaten Robert, you've eaten Jacob...Oh my


God! You've eaten Mindy the Chicken!" Haley says. Jean says she felt really bad about eating Mindy. "I got a little peice of Mindy stuck between my teeth." She says. Haley gets up and storms off.

Twinny Somethings Ep

Twinny Somethings Ep.4 Going Vegan - ChickComedy

Twinny Somethings Ep.4: Going Vegan

Cast and CrewEdit

Executive Producer/Director: David Goldman

Writer: Alan Lebetkin

Cast: Jade Ramsey as Jean

Nikita Ramsey as Haley

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