Spamming is when you repeatedly post the same exact thing, usually to earn acheivement points. Spam isn't permitted on chat, as it's annoying and often lags chat for everyone (sometimes even freezing browsers). If you are a spammer though immediate kick.


If you do any of the above, you will be warned. They're hurtful, and serious things, so if you're banned for this it's longer than most other things. If you still continue to do it, after being warned, you will be kicked.


We don't ban without warning you, so you get one warning before a tip. If what you do is very serious (such as enough spam to freeze someone's browser), you will be tipped. So that you understand what happened an explanation will be left on your talk page.


This means that if you were tipped from the chat three times you are banned from chat for three days. Once that time is over you are free to come back into the chat. But if you get tipped three times again and get banned, the ban will last for one week. Once more and the ban will last an entire month. Finally, forever banned from chat.

We will post a tip on your wall when you get one. It will look like the following template. We will also lock your profile so that we can see it and so that you will never erase it. Once your tips are gone, you can edit your profile page again.

Tips last for 3 months at a time, after three months all of your tips will disappear from your profile and it will be as if the were never there. However, if anything occurs, we ave them on record, so they just may reappear.


If you're banned from chat, do not come on another account. That account will be banned forever, and if you continue making sockpuppets, your main account will be banned double the time it was originally going to be.


If a lot of people believe that you are trolling the users, you can get a warning. Examples could be flirting constantly with a user or asking for personal info when the person does not want to answer them. You may only ask a person for there first name, age, and username.

Requirements that you need to get into chat

You need to get permission by an admin and a chat moderator. Do this by asking them on there talk page. When we allow you, we will put a special template on your profile page. Do not erase it because then you would need to get accepted again!

The admins: HOA2012, Val the Walrus, Ilovesibuna and PEDDIE 4ever

The chat moderators: HOA2012, Val the Walrus, Ilovesibuna and PEDDIE 4ever