Jean makes cupcakes

Jean makes cupcakes

Art Society is the 5th episode in the Twinny Somethings series. In this episode, Jean is really excited to go to an art society to meet older men. Unfortunatley, she gets sick and makes Haley go in her place.


Jean and Haley are reading a book about paintings. Haley asks Jean if she knew who painted the Mona Lisa, and Jean replies that it was painted by Tom Hanks. Then she says she was kidding, it was actually painted by Ron Howard. Haley smells something burning, and Jean realizes they're her cupcakes.

Jean talks to the camera about why she joined the art society. "There's nothing I apriciate more than looking at beautiful, old,rich men. It turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done with myself. I'm learning things without even trying, like how the proper way to drink Champange is out of something called a flute."

Jean shows Haley her cupcakes. She thinks they're going to go perfectly with that day's topic. Jean talks about how free booze in an art society sounds like chaos. Jean says that she would've invited Haley to go with her, but the art society is about learning, and Haley already knows everything. Then she offers Haley a cupcake and Haley walks away. Jean takes a bite of her cupcake and says it tastes like dirt.

Jean is violently puking into a garbage can. "If my body could talk right now, it would be saying why di


Jean and Haley read a book about art

d you eat that cupcake?" She says.

Jean stops puking and goes to sit next to Haley. Haley asks what happened to her. Jean says she was already having that discussion with herself. She asks Haley to go to the meeting for her. "Why? So I can pretend I know nothing about art and pretend I enjoy flirting with dirty old men?" She replies. Jean says "Exactly! I'm glad you're on board!" Haley replies that she'll go to the meeting if she can act like herself. Jean replies that she has a reputation to uphold, so Haley can't say anything too smart.

Haley comes back from the art meeting. Jean asks her how many guys she hooked up with. Haley says none. Haley replies that it wasn't an art society meeting. Jean looks confused. Haley explains that it was the Art Society people giving her an intervention. Jean looks upset that she missed her own intervention, and then asks Haley if she got any phone numbers. "So many!" Haley replies reaching for her bag. Jean is happy because they're all doctors.

Twinny Somethings Ep

Twinny Somethings Ep. 5 Art Society - Chick Comedy

Twinny Somethings Ep.5: Art Society


Cast and CrewEdit

Executive Producer/Director: David Goldman

Writer: Alan Lebetkin

Cast: Jade Ramsey as Jean

Nikita Ramsey as Haley

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